Interest and Enthusiasm in the Unknown

Hello all,

It’s mid-July and I’ve been with Welland Laike for two months. Thankfully, the productivity I wrote about in my first post continues unabated—I don’t think I’ve ever written so many words in a two month time span. (Nothing helps spur productivity like a debilitating heat wave. It doesn’t leave one with many other options!)

Now, I’ve always had a very specific definition on what makes something, anything, a quality item. Whether it’s a documentary, a book, or in my case, a writing assignment, the mark of something good is the creation of an interest or curiosity in a subject where previously there wasn’t one. For me, that’s happened in spades with my work at Welland Laike. If you had asked me before I started how I felt about tort reform, I would have given you a blank stare and shrugged my shoulders. Now I have a strong opinion, and a well-researched case to back it up. Believing in what you’re writing is a necessity.

But it doesn’t just end there. The whole world of the civil justice system opened up to me and intrigued me in a way I never imagined when I started two months ago. Sometimes, “you learn something new every day” transcends clichĂ© and has real meaning.

Lucas McMillan,
The (not-so-new) intern