Owning Territory in the Mind

In one or two words, what do your customers and prospects think when they hear the name of your company? What separates you from the pack in their minds? Taking more than a second to answer these questions screams “WEAK BRAND.”

Our first priority as marketing consultants is to explore your brand through audience research and customer interviews, SWAT analysis, competitive review, and internal meetings with leadership and other key players.

Once decoded, we draft a brand promise and positioning statement. This is literally the promise you make to your customers and prospects that:

  1. They see as valuable,
  2. Is unique, compelling and believable, and
  3. Your organization can deliver, from top to bottom.

We then develop a set of key messages that are woven into the fabric of your organization through every form of available marketing communication. This may include a new logo and slogan, the literal and figurative standard bearers for a brand promise. And it often starts by “selling the brand inside” to energize your Board, staff, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Now we can stamp your position into the minds of your customers. Does current advertising and promotion match the newly defined position? Does it translate into value from the perspective of the customer? What measurements do we have (or should we have) that indicate results? What adjustments should we make? Are there other tactics that we should consider as well?

Once we’ve done this essential due diligence of marketing, we can make up or down recommendations on specific tactics, the financial and intellectual resources necessary to create them, and timelines for implementation.

The Welland Laike team can help just about anyone market and grow their business, but we specialize in law, finance, healthcare and consumer products. Click on the links below to learn about some of our case histories:

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