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We Make Quality Convenient

The radio voice of Oasis Market, which at one time had more than 80 convenience stores in the Twin Cities area, was an apoplectic pitchman called the Over Reaction Guy. For two years, the creative mind behind ORG (as we affectionately called him) was Welland Laike.

The Objective: Drive traffic to Oasis stores throughout the Twin Cities.

The Strategy: Each month, we met with Oasis marketing executives to discuss new creative strategies for promoting product and service specials at Oasis. And each month, we helped ORG find new ways to stock up, buy out and otherwise overreact to the good deals at Oasis. Aside from the creative, we handled production, approval and distribution of each spot to the top radio stations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area.

The Results: Store traffic climbed by 25 percent during the campaign, and the Over Reaction Guy became one of the area’s best-known commercial pitchmen.