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Regional Law Firm Says “Know Your Rights”

When the Minneapolis law firm of SiebenCarey decided to promote a personal injury practice in the 1980s, it challenged a long-held taboo against legal advertising. Welland Laike was there to guide the firm with marketing strategy, creative and implementation. When the firm decided to rebrand 30 years later, Welland Laike again was called on to lead the way.

The Objective: Plan and execute a brand marketing and advertising program that generates results while positioning the firm above the “ambulance chasing” fray.

The Strategy: Starting with the slogan Know Your Rights, we created tasteful television, radio and print advertising based on the exceptional credentials of the firm. Special on- and offline strategies target specific market segments, including referring attorneys, chiropractors, ethnic and minority groups and others. Most recently, Welland Laike guided the firm on rebuilding and optimizing its website, overhauling its pay-per-click and online advertising program and accelerating organic search traffic.

Each lawyer is also supported with a personal marketing plan that fits individual talents and interests with particular market niches. All of this is built on a comprehensive marketing and business plan that is annually reviewed and redeveloped.

The Results: Hundreds of potential clients contact the law firm each month through online and traditional advertising, professional referrals and word-of mouth recommendations.

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… The Truth About Civil Justice

The Objective: Let America Know™ was created to accomplish two objectives: 1) Mount an effective grassroots campaign that would improve the public perception of trial lawyers, and 2) provide trial lawyers with an affordable, effective, easy-to-use online tool to market their practice.

The Strategy: Steve Miller, Welland Laike principal, cofounded Let America Know with a prominent Minneapolis trial lawyer. Hence, Welland Laike provides marketing and public relations support at every level of the organization. We are also deeply involved in the monthly publication and delivery of You Should Know, the customizable e-newsletter that is at the heart of the program.

The Results: Since Let America Know was launched in September 2009, the program has been endorsed and actively promoted by the leadership of several state trial lawyer associations and the American Association for Justice. More than 250 lawyers have joined the program and have reported receiving highly positive comments from clients and referral sources, as well as case referrals. Plans are in the works to expand and extend the program to other states throughout the country.



Established Firm Gets Aggressive

When the 120-year-old law firm of Doar Drill & Skow wanted to create a higher profile for its personal injury practice, it called on Welland Laike to research and develop a new marketing strategy.

The Objective: Create a user-friendly brand image for Doar Drill & Skow, as research confirms that most individuals feel intimidated by lawyers – even their own.

The Strategy: Initially, we created a look to highlight the need for capable, experienced legal representation in any personal injury case. The Doar Drill & Skow Took Care of Me campaign makes the transition from someone seeking representation to someone who found help with Doar Drill & Skow. That campaign was adapted to the firm’s criminal law practice as well.

The Results: Marketing a law firm is a difficult task. One must work within proper ethical boundaries, yet deliver a compelling case in a tasteful manner. The ads that resulted were fresh and personal, unique for the market and professional, matching the firm’s other practice areas.



Girl At Law Becomes Radio Celebrity

Martha Ballou is a family law attorney who has the personality, wit and distinctive voice required to succeed as an on-air personality.

The Objective: Position Martha Ballou as a local authority on family law in the Twin Cities market with regular appearances on high visibility radio and television talk shows.

The Strategy: Artfully package Martha’s credentials and pitch local and regional radio and television producers for regular show appearances. Using our experience in radio production, we prepared a highlight CD with excerpts from past interviews. The CD was mounted in a teaser package complete with promotional photos and bio. And of course, we rode the phones with a long list of show ideas covering everything from parental alienation to who gets custody of the dog!

The Results: Martha appeared monthly as the Girl At Law on Dave Ryan In The Morning, the number one-ranked morning show in the target demographic, women ages 18 to 34. She has also appeared on dozens of other top-rated talk shows, including WCCO AM Radio and KARE 11 TV.