The Tools of Leadership

1) The Power of Stories
As a youth baseball, basketball and football coach, I learned early on that kids would learn much faster and better retain various lessons if I could connect them to a memorable word, simple (but catchy) phrase, or a story. No one ever forgot the “butt play,” for example, because it was particularly funny to my 12-year-old little leaguers and it aptly described what the base runner in this case was supposed to do: fall down on his/ her butt on the way to second base. Stories and anecdotes are the glue that make ideas stick.

2) Call to Action
This one should have been self-evident to me as all advertisers are taught to include a call to action in their advertising. Otherwise you can spend a lot of money getting someone’s attention only to drop the ball by not giving them some way to respond. And this is applicable in every aspect of business and life; I frequently conclude meetings by discussing “next steps.”

3) Overcoming Fears
It isn’t the act of doing something that’s truly terrifying, it’s all the time spent thinking about doing it. I worry and fret about upcoming events and challenges only to find out how exhilarating, enjoyable and productive the experience is once the fateful moment arrives. There’s no use procrastinating because of these fears. Just get down to business, improve performance and become a better leader. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s critical to open up to experiences and opportunities you might be missing because of these fears. More on this thought later…