THIS Copywriting “Smells Like Accomplishment”

When was the last time you read any packaging “cover to cover?” Duke Cannon hooked me with “Big Ass Brick of Soap,” and didn’t let me go until I had devoured every last word.

Who ever heard of a soap that “smells like accomplishment” and was “inspired by drinking a fine scotch in a wood-paneled den”? I hadn’t, but I sure was intrigued. And I NEVER pay much attention to the brand of bar soap we buy. I especially never read the labels.

Oh, but you can see here why I did:

  • “Military Specs” the end label declares: “Inspired by soap used by GIs during the Korean War.” And “Tested by active duty US Military personnel.” Must not be frilly if tough guys like that use it.
  • “Made in the same plant that supplied Korean War troops.” I have no idea what that means exactly, but it sounds super macho.
  • Then the coup de grĂ¢ce on the opposite end label: “Not for clowns.” Wow! Well I’m not a clown, so give me a bar of that stuff NOW. In fact, make it two!

Really folks, I’m not the kind of guy this type of marketing should target. I write for a living, and I’ve never owned a pickup truck. But it turns out that when I step into the shower with my big ass brick of soap from Duke Cannon, I become Mr. Kick-Ass Miller, Master of the Universe. That is until Theresa yells at me to quit hogging the shower, to which I reply “Yes Dear … but hands off my soap!”