Who We Are

In 1994 Steve Miller, decided his new agency would be different. What started as simply treating his clients and employees right, quickly blossomed into Welland Laike Communication, and agency that would be different in:

  • Selecting and serving its customers
  • Demanding strategically-driven results before creative indulgence and inflated fee
  • Nurturing honest, respectful and healthy relationships within the office and with its creative partners and clients

Welland Laike has evolved a great deal since it was headquartered in a backroom cubicle in 1994 with its largest law firm client. Steve is now a seasoned veteran, with 30 years of experience and continuing education in every discipline of integrated marketing communications (IMC) including brand management, advertising and public relations.

Technology, and in particular the steady ascendance of the Internet and e-commerce, have transformed just about every aspect of HOW and WHERE we ply our craft. But the bottom line is always the bottom line: we deliver measurable results for our clients.

Sure, Steve is sprouting a few gray hairs now and perhaps an extra pound or two, but the vision statement he crafted during a late night creative session so long ago still resonates in all of us today:

“Welland Laike Communication is our legacy:¬†a rocket-powered, inspirational communications¬†enterprise that attracts top talent and daring clients with matching dreams and passions.”

Take a look around and see how we can help you reach your strategic business goals.